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who what where when why?

The characters of Narnia!

The characters in the book are Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. They are going through a war some their mother sends them away to a crazy profesor who they never see. They were playing hide and seek one day when they came across a wardrobe and inside was narnia!
Peter:  the oldest child,he is muscular and blonde. He is like the father figure of the group. He tries to be strong even though he is a boy inside but in the end he becomes a man.
Susan: is the oldest girl. She is a brunette and a natural beauty. She like to be the most cautious in situtaions. She is very caring and has a good heart.
Edmund: is the youngest boy he is very mischevious and lies a lot.
Susan: is the youngest girl. She is very kind and heartwarming. She has an exciting imagination

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Who says life can't be can't be an imagination gone real!